A Piece Of Me

21 04 2010

Do you ever feel divided up into little pieces: one for you, one for you, one for you…? Lately, I have been noticing as I reflect on the day, that at the end of it I didn’t actually choose any of it. Some days, everything I do is dictated by someone else’s need to have a piece of me. I guess it could be argued that I did have a choice in the matter; practically, it doesn’t work that way.

I don’t mean to whine, it’s just an observation and tomorrow I plan to use some “in between” time to breathe a little. The reason I raise it is because of the verse I read today from Matthew 6:24: no one can serve two masters; it doesn’t work to have your attention divided; you will end up loving one master, and resenting the other.

In Matthew, the example is “God and Money.” No doubt, Money has its pull. But in my life right now, I don’t see Money as the thing that is drawing me away from the Good Master. What is? What is vying for my attention?

Me. I think it is pretty simple; my own interests are doing battle with God’s. I know when I am restful in His hands and I know when I am fighting Him. Matthew 6 is right. When I am mixed up about who is at the top of my heap, something really toxic happens. When I feel it, it frightens me: resentment (or its friend, bitterness). Two masters never have the same values. Their system of doing things differ. They have opposing interests. When I flip back and forth, I forget who wants what and I mix-up who is who. You can’t live that way.

I don’t want to fight you, God. It’s kind of crazy, but I think that I think that you want another piece of me — this little piece left hanging on the bone; but in actuality, you want all of me; not so that I can be exhausted, but so that you can piece me back together again. Piece by peace.

You are the restorer of my soul.

— Teresa Klassen




One response

21 04 2010
Liza Tough

Thank you Teresa for sharing this with the world. I am guilty also, and even just a few minutes ago the “Toxic” happened and I was was feeling resentful and bitter. Thank you for the simple worlds of “God wants all of me”. And through him I am whole. So Thanks again


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