Jesus Is In Your House (literally).

30 04 2010

Sometimes, when trying to explain spiritual concepts, we use word pictures to try to get the point across.  We use bridges to explain separation from God; chairs in the center of a circle to describe Christ being on the throne of our life; eggs to explain the Trinity (?).

What I like about John 14:23 is that it gives us the word, and it is “home.” This is the picture to describe what happens when we love God and obey His teachings. It isn’t our word to try to explain something; it is God’s Word:

Jesus replied, “If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching. My Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him…”

There is just no mistaking what Jesus is saying here; it isn’t figurative: Jesus moves in.

Why don’t we say that more often? When you love and obey Jesus, he moves into your house.  We usually say, “He lives in your heart” to describe the indwelling of the Spirit. That’s cool; maybe alongside that we ought to say, by the way, if you are choosing to love and obey Jesus, He will literally move into your house. You should really be aware of this. If you are thinking you will maintain some distance; sort of a “visit Him down at the church” kind of relationship, we just don’t want you to be mistaken: Jesus is coming to you and actually taking up residence with you.

Jesus will be sharing your meals with you, from now on, as the unseen guest at your table. When you are eating your granola in the morning, you can lock eyes with Jesus, ‘cuz He’s there (“Good choice on the granola”). Jesus will be part of your family circle, so when you are being an idiot, He is there cringing, trying to give you “the eye” (“1 Corinthians 13, remember? Nudge.”) When you are sitting down to blog about something in His Word, He’s ready to give you some pointers (“Talk about the love part, you know the first part of the verse…”)

Yeah, about the first part of the verse, the part where it says the Father will love you. Some days can seem so love-less, but just look around your home; the Father is there and He loves you!  If you are feeling like you just need to cry on someone’s shoulder, or vent, or hear some sort of encouraging word, or share some good news of your own, you are so incredibly fortunate: Jesus is in the house.

If you are the lone Christ follower in your home, here is some awesome news: because of your decision, Jesus is living in your home. Really, the other family members are just going to have to get used to Him because it just comes with loving God back; He shows up, considering Himself invited. He isn’t intrusive, He isn’t preachy, He isn’t judgemental, and He isn’t uncomfortable;  Jesus likes being with you and He likes being with your family.

Home is a pretty strong image.  Even if the one we have known is far from perfect, we still long for what we know it is supposed to be. People make or break the home so the Good News is, you are among the best company you can imagine. The day you decided you would love God back and obey Him, you opened the front door, and there was Jesus. What a welcome sight.

So don’t walk around wondering where Jesus is when you need Him. He’s at your place; He’s been there all along.

— Teresa Klassen




One response

3 05 2010

there are lots of things that christoph and I are going to miss about living in the okanagan… it has become a home to us… so this passage and meditation has struck a chord with me… thanks for sharing your thoughts… it is nice to know that when I am looking for something that reminds me of HOMe I can come and read your blog and be reminded of you and the great wise woman you are!
I loved the sentance “Home is a pretty strong image. Even if the one we have known is far from perfect, we still long for what we know it is supposed to be” . We really do long for that. and as we move on I will be longing to create a new one..knowing what it is supposed to be…. and having a rich experience to draw on that will set the standard.

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