18 06 2010


Isn’t that a great word? It has a green feel to it. Just saying it makes me think of that moment after the rain has stopped and the sun shows its face; the grass and leaves are lacquered and there is that smell of the earth in the air: nourished.

Read Proverbs 10:21 (NIV) this morning:

“The lips of the righteous nourish many…”

Isn’t it amazing what a word can do?

  • One word inspires; one word deflates.
  • One word cries; one infuriates.
  • One word enlightens and one confuses.
  • One word rescues; one abuses.
  • One word vows; one betrays.
  • One word go’s; one word stays.

(Hey, just wrote a poem)

The word “nourishes” in the original Hebrew has a rainbow of meanings: shepherds, feeds, cares, becomes a companion for, brings one to pasture and aren’t those all amazing things that one person can do for another?

  • A word can shepherd or guide a person.
  • A word can be like food to the hungry.
  • A word becomes care for the lonely.
  • Words between two people spell companionship.
  • Words guide people to healthier, sweeter places.
  • Words change lives.

Every day I have this power to nourish. Out of my mouth I can say something that goes right to the heart of another.

Now I feel so sad; how many words have I wasted? How many words have I misused? How many opportunities have I let slide by?

Every day I can be kind. Every day I can wish a complete stranger well. Every day I can say something powerful to my kids. Every day my words can be a rainfall to someone and by that one simple act I could pour life into their wilting spirit.

You want to talk about power? What power God has given to us to impact “MANY” with one tiny little tool; one thing we all have; one thing we don’t need any training for, any education, any experience, any permission, any appointment. Honestly, it’s like walking around with bags of money that I can give away; and I never run out.

I, the giver, never become poor.

— Teresa Klassen




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