A Year Encouraging

30 06 2010

Social experiments are popular these days.

I was just thinking of things people do for one year after I read Proverbs 11: 25 (one of my favorites): “…he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.” I thought, I wonder what would happen if someone embarked on a social experiment like this, making a conscious, recorded effort to “refresh others” every day of the year in some way.

The principal behind the Proverb is that if you refresh others, you will be refreshed; who wouldn’t want a year of being refreshed/revived?

I wonder what it would do to one’s heart to spend a year consciously encouraging others? I wonder how it would affect one’s view of people? I wonder how it would affect one’s view of themselves? I wonder how contagious that would be? I wonder if “what goes around” would come around?

How would one measure what “refreshing others” would look like? Is it a complement? A coffee? A card? Is it a minute, an hour, a day?

What if one prayed, “Lord, I am completely available today to be a source of refreshment in someone’s life. Show me who and how and I am there.” I wonder how specific God would be?

Interesting timing. Phone just rang, opportunity phoned you might say.

I guess that answers my question; gotta go.

— Teresa Klassen




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