Mike and Money

16 07 2010

This is a shout-out to my husband Mike for taking such good care of us. I’ll just touch on one thing, since today’s Proverb is about money. Proverbs 13:11, “…he who gathers money little by little makes it grow.”

I always knew, Mike, that you would be a good provider no matter where we found ourselves.  You always demonstrated a solid belief in work and innovation, and that meant more to me than what we had (a lot or a little); it meant you would do everything in your power to do your part to provide.

Beyond the “having a job,” you always have found ways to do things more frugally (within reason/balance) and with a creative approach.

I remember when we were first married we lived in a little townhouse. You already owned a home (long story, but you worked things out so that you had a home and rented it out) and you thought, “why not live in the basement and rent out the upstairs?” Things flip-flopped, and we ended up living upstairs and renting out the downstairs but that meant renovations, as the house was built in the 60s (?) — anyway, don’t know the exact date, but I do remember the green shag carpet, scratch-n-sniff wallpaper, avacado green and mustard appliances. Oh, and the pine-cone curtains. Can’t forget the pine-cone curtains.

There was an old, rusty, tin shower in the basement that we pulled out. I thought it would head over to the dump, but you put it in the classifieds. “That will never sell!” I said. It sold. I think that is when I started saying, “Mike can sell anything.”

Over the past 20 years, I have seen you sell everything. You have done so, always in an honest and fair way; but even so, it always surprises me the things that sell. I have also seen you buy things, fix them up and use them (or sell them). And now I see you passing that skill on to our kids.  Your thing has been, why buy something new and pay top price and all the taxes when a day later it is used anyway? You are always looking for “the deal” and quite often, you find it.

You are telling our kids, “Never be so anxious to have something that you jump into buying it. There is (say it with me kids) always another deal around the corner.”  I think they have all seen that. I hope that lesson has sunk in and they will also be wise with their pennies.

So it has gone — auctions and flea-markets and ebay and castanet — you know how to make things happen. Some days I wonder what the neighbors must think as yet another car pulls up to our house to look at something you are selling.  Really, it makes me laugh.

You watch over our finances. You look at the spreadsheet and you watch the numbers. You take the fear out of it for me because I know you are being as diligent as you can.  That isn’t saying we could not hit some storms – I am not saying we have or are doing things perfectly – but you are watching and that helps me sleep at night.

In “gathering our money” the way you have, you have always honored God first.  Never have I ever seen you waver on this. Your conviction leads the way for me and for the kids. Thanks for being a man like that.

I have to add also, thanks for pulling the kids into your work. I don’t know how many times you have been working on a vehicle, or doing electrical work for someone, or fixing something somewhere, or leading a Bible Study and you have one of the kids on hand.  It isn’t about finding chores for them to do; it is about “being with” and “passing on” and I get that; I hope they do too. Putting that motor into our van last year wasn’t even about the motor or the money in the end; it was about your relationship with your sons and with the guys in the garage. Yay God, for using broken down vans!

I love that you are a dad like that. These simple things are the way they will really know you, and doing these simple things will also show them that it is a good thing, a right thing, to work and to provide and to save and to think about how they’re using their money.

At the end of it all, hon, I have nothing but honor for you in how you have been a steward. You know how to cut corners and be careful, and you know how to give amaaaaaazing experiences and great gifts to your kids — and to me personally…even the pressure washer, which I have come to appreciate 🙂

— Love, your wife of forever, Trees. Happy new owner of a $5 shop vac.



2 responses

17 07 2010

Hey Teresa, I’m loving these blogs (when I remember to read them). You always seems to hit the nail right on the head. I love so much that you’re showing your love and appreciation for your husband so openly. If more women did that instead of bashing them (guilty of that myself in the past, unfortunately) the rate of successful marriages would be far greater.

Far too many men these days are too consumed with fast toys and their job to even recognize that they have a wife and kids. So props to you, Mike! Keep on rockin’ the Klassen household! ps-$5 shop vac? Say what?! How good are you at finding lawn mowers just as cheap? 😛

17 07 2010

He got the shop vac at Cody Auctions — they have unbelievable deals there at times – if you go to their website, they post pictures every week of what they are auctioning that week (auctions are Wednesdays). That might be a place to keep an eye on for a cheap lawn mower! Also, castanet… 🙂

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