Next Time, I’M Going to the Animal Hospital

24 08 2010

Our dog was bitten on the foot by a Rattlesnake yesterday. Currently, she is resting comfortably at a local animal hospital.  She has received such stellar care that next time I get sick I am opting for the Animal Hospital for the following reasons:

1. For $100 I am first in line.

Forget waiting at emergency for hours, at the animal hospital, if you didn’t make an appointment, for $100 you are first in line (the fee is not optional, but if you view it this way, it is win-win). Not to be mistaken, there are other fees to come.

2. Massages

During the day and at night the staff will give me regular massages. Now I’m thinking, even if I am not sick, I might just book in.

3. Personal calls from my Physician

My actual physician will call my people with updates to let them know every detail of the care the patient (me) is receiving, down to the very last pain pill. So nice to be informed! Plus, you can ask any questions you want; any!

4. 24 hour sympathy

If my people wake up at 2 a.m. thinking about me, maybe feeling a bit stressed about it all, they can call the hospital any, any time to talk to someone there. Wow!

5. Complements

Its nice to be told that you are really good and really cute once and a while and get a pat on the head, I could handle that.

6. Treats

Makes it less hospitalish, don’t you think?

7. No surgery wait lists

If you need surgery, believe me, you can get surgery right now! No waiting for that hip-replacement, surgeons are standing by.

We live in a country where a dog (a dog!) gets first class medical care. I could go on and on about the irony of this, but I’ll just leave it at my seven observations for today. However, I am strongly considering having the doc look at my sore ankle when I go visit Molly later.

— Teresa Klassen



4 responses

24 08 2010

You are misleading people into believing the vet visit is only $100.

It isn’t. It’s more likely many thousands and typically even pet insurance won’t cover it or will cover very little of it.

I’d like to see how you feel once you get the full bill.

Not to say your pet isn’t worth it, she is, but you are not telling the full story here regarding the actual cost.

As for the quality of care, vet costs are considerably less than human care cost due to the overhead costs.

24 08 2010

Sorry my tone was misunderstood. It was meant to be a “light” article with a little playful sarcasm around the edge 🙂 Obviously a human being isn’t going to go to a vet. And this will be a one-nighter for our pup, we will continue the TLC at home.

21 09 2010
Creeping Things Admin

Hey I stumbled upon this post and thought I would advertise my services in case you were in Southern California and then I realized that you are a Christian and may be in to Creationism so I thought I would share another one of my passions.
If you like them please pass them on.
Nathan Hutcherson

22 09 2010

Hi Nathan…interesting article! I have heard some great speakers on the topic of Creationism and it is always fascinating; always makes me marvel at our God who paid such amazing attention to detail!

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