1 09 2010

Ever wonder who you would be today if…

Or where you would be today if…

This can be a fantasy or this can be a nightmare!

One choice this way or that way and life changes for the better or for the worst.

I was thinking about that this morning as I read Psalm 124 and where I would be if Jesus hadn’t led me the way He has this past decade (not to mention my whole life). I am not saying I have been easy to lead or that I have always followed His leadership (I have not). Have I followed more than I have strayed? Perhaps another blog for that thought.

Anyway, Psalm 124 is a beautiful thing to personalize, so I decided to do that today.

Psalm 124

(if I had written it):

If the LORD had not been on my side—

let me say that again so no one misses it—

if the LORD JESUS had not been on my side

and by my side

inside my head and my heart all these years

where would I be?

Who would I be now?

When I felt misunderstood or misrepresented?

What would have become of me

if I was just stuck with that;

if the Lord had not said, “Onward!”

Where would I have put anger

and disappointment and hurt,

sin and confusion and weariness?

It would have swallowed me alive!

Everything piled up on everything else

would have broken the dam;

it would have broken me.

Without Jesus, I would have been undone,

engulfed by a flood I could not manage;

swept off my feet

that once stood firm.

The raging waters

swirling outside,

swirling inside,

would have won the day.

If it were not for Jesus

I would be far away from the rapids;

I am afraid of whitewater, naturally.

Praise be to Jesus,

I have not been torn apart.


I am not ruined and

still of some use.

I feel as if I have given bitterness the slip

(and depression

and disillusionment)

like a bird out of the fowler’s snare;

the snare has been broken,

and I have escaped.

I take no credit for this.

I am not strong

I am not resolute

I am not certain;

But I am confident in one thing:

help comes in the name of the LORD

the Maker of heaven and earth

and for this I

wipe my hand across my brow

and say, “Whew!”

Wouldn’t have made it

without you, LORD.

— Teresa Klassen



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