As You Were, Lord.

13 09 2010

In Acts 2:1-2 (in the Bible), God showed up in a way that left no doubt. A wind came from heaven and it wasn’t like a breeze through the front door; it was a “mighty” wind that filled the whole house where Jesus’ friends and disciples had gathered. Unmistakable.

I was feeling kind of drained last night, and actually woke up feeling similar this morning. When I read those two verses I thought, “I could use that today.” I could use something indisputably God; a jolt in my perspective; something distinctly supernatural to clear my head and my heart.  I could handle sitting in a room and then having this unexpected visit from God that just alters my day, and ultimately alters me.

I am not one to hunt down spiritual “experiences.” I have never been interested in anything that feels manufactured nor do I have any desire to chase across town to the latest shrine. What I want is what is sure and unmistakably God in the middle of my every day engagement with Him, with life. I want to know the God who needs no introduction; whose Presence is unlike any other in the middle of walking down the street.

When He speaks, even if it is a whisper, I want to know that voice was obviously not mine. I don’t want to say, “God told me to…” or “the Holy Spirit led me to…” and one day stand face-to-face with God and hear, “You know when you said I said that thing? I never said that.” If it is God, it better be ALL God and not my overactive imagination or my spiritualized excuse to avoid something.

I really don’t have a lot more to say today, and I think it is better that way. Holy Spirit, unchanging, change me; and be with me…

God in my living

There in my breathing

God in my waking

God in my sleeping

God in my resting

There in my working

God in my thinking

God in my speaking

Be my everything.

God in my hoping

There in my dreaming

God in my wathcing

God in my waiting

God in my laughing

There in my weeping

God in my hurting

God in my healing

Christ in me the hope of glory

You are everything.

(by Tim Hughes, “Be My Everything”)

— Teresa Klassen




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