You Have A Future: Part 2

14 11 2010


* This is written with women in mind; but maybe men can relate too.
Let’s look at “the future” from another angle. What age do you (or did you) look forward to the most? Was it becoming a teenager at thirteen? Was it or will it be Sweet Sixteen? How about twenty-one? What do things start looking like after you are twenty-one?

As ridiculous as it sounds, people live as if there is an optimal age. They don’t like being too young so when they are 10 they say they are 10-and-a-half or they say, “I am almost eleven.” When people are in their twenties, they usually stop saying things like that but live like there is no tomorrow. By the time they are twenty-five or twenty-six they are likely to moan,  “I can’t believe I am almost thirty!” as if thirty is a death-sentence.

So, you have been given this life and are you going to buy into the lie that only 10 years is the best part of it? From twenty-five on the future is downhill? If you live until you are eighty, that means seventy years are spent looking in on the people who are having a good time. Are you willing to accept that kind of future?

I realize that ninety percent of the magazines on the shelf today are promoting the lie that youth and beauty are the highest achievements any woman can expect to have; that’s ridiculous!  If you want to be angry about something, be angry about that! The world is scrambling to find the magic formula that will keep us from aging, but you want the TRUTH don’t you? You are aging right now, and it is all good! The future isn’t behind you, it is in front of you.

You are going to live your life and you are going to live it the best you possibly can in the most important way you can. You might live your life in the public eye, or you may live it behind the scenes, but you will live it well, being kind to yourself and kind to others today and tomorrow and into the future.

Psalm 92 says it so beautifully:

Those who live God’s Way shall flourish like the palm tree (stately, upright, useful!); they shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon (majestic, stable, durable, and incorruptible)…[Growing in grace] they shall still have a fruitful life in old age; they will stay fresh and green! They are living memorials to show that God is faithful to His promises

People make themselves miserable by trying to fit into an age that they aren’t anymore. Decide while you are young to look forward to the future and all it brings. Look forward to being yourself at what ever age you are at. Every year you get to be alive is a year of opportunity, so celebrate it rather than regret something you are powerless to change. Your body knows what it is supposed to do, it is supposed to age and along the way you are to become wiser and enter into deep and life-changing relationships with God and the people around you.

When you were conceived a future began. Nine months later, you were nine months in. One day you rolled over, one day you blew out your first candle. One day you stood in line for Kindergarten. One day you rode a bike for the first time. One day you lost a tooth. There is a theme here, isn’t there? Change. Never, since the first cell split into two cells were you ever standing still. You were never designed to live one year over and over again. You were designed to keep moving into the future, to “become” something different and more than you are right now, to do something that matters, and to connect meaningfully with the One who made you.

It ultimately comes down to an “attitude of gratitude,” doesn’t it? You (yes you) are privileged enough to be breathing in oxygen today. You are alive, you have made it this far. There is obviously a reason for you so don’t stall out in the narrow little corridor called “youth.” Don’t always wish you were older if you are young, and don’t wish you were younger if you are inching past it. Be grateful, GRATEFUL, that there is blood in your veins and a purpose for you to fulfill. Lean in and LIVE. Don’t waste a moment wishing you were someone or somewhere else.

You have the ability to decide some important things for yourself; I hope you will make one of those decisions the one that proudly declares — out loud — the age you are at.

It is an accomplishment.


— Teresa Klassen



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