I See Less and Less

9 09 2011

Maybe not every day, but on most days I have a realization, a revelation of how small I am in this universe. I think of how God made all the things I see and do not see (Colossians 1:6) and I feel small. There is a God who is all-knowing, all-seeing, and I am not like this.  My eyes are aging, I see less than I did before! I need help seeing things clearly now. It occurs to me, the older I get, I do not need less guidance from God, I need more. I am not more independent, I am more dependent than ever.

There are so many things I do not see; so many things I do not understand. And I, in my short-sightedness, my near-sightedness, I do not see clearly without help. I will very likely “drift away” (Colossians 1:23) from the truth, from the peace and Good News, the confidence I had when I first trusted Christ; I am prone to wander. I do drift when my eyes get cloudy and make really stupid mistakes.

Knowing this, I pray that my arm would be securely tucked under Christ’s so that I can be led like the blind. I trust Him as my guide because He sees all the things I do not see. He will navigate me through good times and bad. I am more grateful than words can express that I can have such close contact with Christ on this journey! To know that I am not alone, to be able to learn from the Creator of the Universe on a daily basis, to watch how He uses all things eventually for good which fills me with hope and purpose!

I am grateful for people, of course, for my community; but they are not enough. They do not know it all and they, like me, have aging eyes.

I pray, as we go, my Jesus and I, He will keep me safe from the tricks of the evil one who is set on stealing, killing and destroying; the one who would bring harm to me. The one who would trick me by some sleight of hand. I cling to Him to guide me through this life, knowing what I do not know, seeing what I do not see.

God, who is goodness through and through, has no hint of deception. He makes my path straight, he leads me to still waters, He guides my life and will deliver me safely in the end. Not once in my life has He proved to be anything but trustworthy. Who else can I say that about?

I see enough, to see this.

— Teresa Klassen



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