23 With You And Me (Happy Anniversary)

8 10 2011

Today is a good day. It is October 8 and not a day to try to sort out clutter; it is a day to raise a glass to.

It is the first day of a new year with my best friend in life, Michael, with whom I have shared everything for twenty-three years. And I am thankful. I am thankful that as each anniversary pops up on the calendar I look forward to it.

Michael, I never have to make anything up about us. You do your part to make “us” work. I am so thankful…

  1. Thanks for greeting me each day with a, “Good morning.” You always want to know how I slept, you always want to know what my day will be like, you never leave me without an, “I love you.” These things are completely predictable.
  2. Thank you for three kisses every single night.
  3. Thanks for sitting in the red chair with your Bible and journal every morning you are here, day after day after day; you lead by example.
  4. Thanks for putting up with this:
    Me: “Mike, should I have the chicken or a steak.
    Mike: “Have the steak.”
    Me: “I think I’ll have the chicken.”
  5.  Thanks for always saying, “You have ten books in you.” It makes me think it could be true.
  6. Thanks for holding up essential values in our home; anyone can make rules, but you lead from core beliefs and do so with unswerving passion and conviction. You are our protector.
  7. Thanks for being thankful for the meals I make whether it is a huge spread or a sandwich.
  8. Thanks for all the nights you have been the one to cook dinner(with your Visa)
  9. Thanks for putting up with hair all over the counter and subsequently cleaning out the sink drains.
  10.  Thanks for blocking for me.
  11. Thanks for being a true and equal partner. I have always felt valued. I have always had a voice.
  12.   Thank you for honoring me as a woman; affirming my strengths, showing me respect, and opening the doors wide for me to use my gifts. You have used your power to push through ceilings for me and for your daughters.
  13.  Thanks for rescuing me from spiders.
  14.  Thanks for “staying at the table.” You have helped me to be less of a chicken.
  15. Thanks for being the objective to my subjective.
  16. Thanks for believing that we balance each other out, that we mutually need each other.
  17.  Thanks for slowing down and giving me the details I crave.
  18. Thanks for the way you have provided for us. I have more than I need.
  19.  Thank you for the great adventures you have taken us on. I am so blessed.
  20.  Thanks for being trustworthy; a place of safety for me.
  21. Thanks for cutting corners, finding deals, and being creative in our day-to-day life.
  22. Thanks for thinking about me during the day and “checking in.”
  23. Thanks for being an excellent dad; loving well and fully engaging in the tough stuff. I have never had to be a single parent.

Thanks for all you do to make it pretty effortless to come up with a list like this.

Thank you for giving me a love-story worth telling.

I only have eyes for you,





3 responses

8 10 2011
Bev J.

What a beautiful, heartfelt tribute! Yours is what a marriage should be…what God intended! Happy 23rd Anniversary, Mike and Teresa!

8 10 2011

Thanks Bev! 🙂

8 10 2011
Kim Astren

awww I love that,you guys truly are an awesome example of how a marriage should be congats and cheers to many more.

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