Are You Done Messing Around Yet?

15 11 2011

Dear Kids,

Are you done?

I have been watching over you and the poor choices you have been making and I am shaking my head. Why would you trade the good life I have given you, for the life you are living right now? Honestly, I have done everything in my power to give you a rich life, a healthy life, a safe life, a satisfying life, a purposeful life…the kind of life where you don’t have to look back with a pile of regrets, yet what do you do? You choose the opposite; you choose to do life the hard way.

You aren’t forced to live a life of darkness.

You aren’t in a position where your only choice is an evil one.

Yet you choose, you choose, to live in the dirt.

I shake my head at this.

I sigh.

I ache over your foolishness.

And I am hopeful.

You won’t spend the rest of your life chasing after evil things.

At some point, you are going to come to your senses and you are going to be anxious to do what is right. You will thirst for it. Hunger for it. Chase after it. It will become your desire, your campaign; your cause.

At some point you will have had enough of living unwisely; you will look the things other people “enjoy” and it will turn your stomach. You will look at their illogical choices, the way they hurt themselves and others, their lust, their overindulgence, their drunkenness, their out-of-control parties, and the way they only live for the moment and their immediate pleasures, and a chill will run up your spine because you know that this was once what you thought was so great, only to find out that it was death to your soul.

And when you step out of that life you will find that your so-called friends will be surprised; irritated; it is going to rub them the wrong way that you don’t want to do what they do any longer because misery loves company. They will even say things about you that aren’t exactly complementary; be prepared.

But just remember this: they aren’t the ones you should be concerned about and you aren’t the one they insult. Step aside; I am the one. I am the one with the final call on all of this. I am the one they have ultimately offended. I will be the one who will speak to your actions and to their actions and I am wondering, how do you want that to go?

Listen again to me: I am about love. I am about Good News. I don’t want anyone to waste his or her life. I want you, I want everyone to live…to live an abundant, amazing life, engaged in what is life-giving, not soul-stealing.

Just thought I should remind you, in case you have forgotten.

With love from,

Your Father, God.

(From 1 Peter 4:2-6)

— Teresa Klassen




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