When God Goes 30 On The Highway Of Our Lives

22 11 2011

I can’t decide.

  • Do I want God to move quickly? I-ask. He-answers-hopefully-in-my-favor. Ta-da!!
  • Or do I want God to take His time, be patient, give me room to figure some things out, but whatever He does…to not give up on me?

It really depends where I am standing at that moment. Instant-God comes in very handy when I need, or need to know something; but I prefer slow-to-act God when I am being a moron. I guess ultimately I would like God to act according to my wishes because that would be really convenient.

In reality, I don’t get to choose. Sometimes God does act swiftly, but I find more often, He doesn’t. Sometimes it feels like God is driving 30 km on the highway. Why can’t He pick it up a little?

2 Peter 3:9 says, “The Lord is not slow to fulfill His promise, as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance.”

God acts according to His purposes; His priorities and I realize that my health, happiness, success, comfort, longevity, while certainly something to talk about, aren’t actually His primary concern. My needing an answer or action NOW does little to disturb His careful timing. This is confusing until you sit back and look at one single soul and what it means to God.

What matters to God? When you look back through history, God was actually willing to protect very little if it got in the way of what He ultimately wanted: true relationship. This whole thing, the earth and life upon it, was created to be a community filled with the life and breath of God, in communion with Him.

Then sin enters the picture and yada, yada, yada: we wander, we get lost, we can’t make our way back to God’s original intention. So while we build our lives and get all concerned about what we get concerned about, God is still only concerned about one thing: our return. It is all He has ever been concerned about.

I was thinking about this, how only one thing matters, when I was in the Westminster Abby in London recently. I looked at the astounding architecture of that building. I sat in a service and took in the overwhelming detail and then it struck me: as nice as this is, it means very little to God. God is not contained here, and He would not protect it at all cost. It isn’t that God doesn’t appreciate good architecture, artistry, craftsmanship; He does. He is the Artist of artists, after all; it’s just that nothing, not even buildings that might have taken hundreds of years to complete mean a whole lot to Him in the scheme of things.

People built a beautiful temple to God, it took years and years and years to make but it actually got in the way of a heartfelt relationship with Him. People thought the temple would mean a lot to God, that He would go to all lengths to protect it, but it didn’t mean that much. He let it be destroyed.

I think God is still willing that some things get destroyed so that all that remains is the obvious problem we are skirting (whether that is salvation or submission). His desire is that no one will perish, and He is patient towards us so that we have every, every opportunity to enjoy the life He offers. He calls us out of darkness, to walk in His light.

As I said, when you are being a moron, patience is the most beautiful thing you could ever experience. When someone is gentle towards you, wants you, longs for you, searches for you, puts up great big signs that say, “WALK THIS WAY” and doesn’t give up…is there anything more beautiful then that?

God’s slowness is something beautiful; I have experienced the grace of slowness, and I have people in my life that I really want God to be patient with, to extend the days of their lives, to give them the chance to open their lives to Him. I don’t want things to end where they are.

“What I want” in any given situation can be all over the map, but God only has one desired outcome: that none should perish.

— Teresa Klassen







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4 12 2011
Bernice Heppner

Thoroghly appreciated this artical!

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