What Do You Think Today Will Look Like?

17 02 2012

What do I wake up expecting? A trouble-free, worry-free day? A day where the wrinkles are smoothed out? A day where everyone just does what they are supposed to do so that I don’t have to deal with conflict or tension, trouble and trials?

Honestly — yes (haha). Well, that would be nice, anyway.

Reading a great book and this is what I read, incredibly appropriate for today:

“Disciples expect tension! They wake up each day expecting that the Father will lead and guide their day; they have given ownership of all they have back to God, for him to direct. They trust God for supernatural provision; they let faith in God win out over safety, common sense, or worldly wisdom; moreover, their relationship with God is deeply integrated with other believers, and they have many relationships with people in the non-Christian culture. They view Scripture as God’s message to a missional people instead of a series of self-help slogans; they pray out of desperation for the circumstances they find themselves in as they walk in the world instead of simply doing things in isolation…” (94, “And” by Hugh Halter)

As I reflect on this, I am reminded again that it is in the “tension” where I see God work in unique ways. This is where I move from simply loving God, to needing God, relying on Him for my daily bread, to protect me from evil, to help me to live in forgiveness, to be the light directing my path.

This is the place where trust is built; where I find that God IS faithful, that God IS my provider and sustainer and that nothing can separate me from His love.

If I expect tension, I won’t be so surprised by it, I suppose. I will let go of my “only in the movies” un-realities, and let God walk with me in the real world…

— Teresa Klassen




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