What Is Jesus Doing These Days?

6 07 2012

Where is Jesus and what is He doing? I usually think about this on bad days:

  • When I am calling out to Him is there an immediate response or does He think about it a while or wait to see if I am serious? Does He consult a navigational map on my behalf and decide?
  • Where is Jesus when things are crazy and chaotic? Is He on it, untying the knots? Are there knots? Or is it all just in the mix of things; a part of His master plan? What does He do while I am trying to figure that out?
  • What is He doing when I am suffering? Does He radiate comfort like the sun; will I feel it if I stay in one spot long enough? When I am crying my eyes out, is he sitting there with me on the floor caring about my misery? Does it have an affect?
  • When I am praying for people, are angels deployed like warriors the moment I raise a name, going in to the places I think are impossible/impassable? Does that happen quickly; do they draw their swords while I am still speaking? Are they facing off against the enemy like I picture it? Does God roar in those moments like Aslan?

I was thinking about how Jesus “shows up” and what is true about Him. There are times Jesus comes into view so clearly, but what is He doing when I am confused about it all?

2 Corinthians 6:2 clarifies everything: “In a favorable time I listened to you and in a day of salvation I have helped you” and to just make the point clear about what Jesus is up to it says, “now is the favorable time, now is the day of salvation.”

Both on a good day, a favorable day, and on a day when I need rescuing, that is where God is, this passage seems to be saying. In other words, either/or, He always…is

On a favorable day when I am skipping and singing, He is listening. He is with me on the high days when I just need someone to thank for it all. This reminds me not to just enjoy it on my own; recognize that Jesus loves a good party; He delights in celebration and in the things that give us pleasure in our life. He is all there, heart and soul.

And on days when I am dragging myself on my belly in a time of devastation there is no distance to cross. He is there; right there, helping.

He is the God of now: now here, now ready, now able. There is never a time when He is absent. There is never a time when He is not actively present.

I was musing a bit here about how it is easier to see Jesus on good days then it is on bad days, but is it? Am I not just as likely to forget He is here when I am sipping something sweet as I am when I am drinking a bitter cup? On a good day, to be honest, I am less likely to look for Him because I am busy having a good time. On a bad day I can’t see Him because I panic, thinking I am alone in the world.

I wish I was better at drawing because I would draw a cartoon strip. The first square would be something random bad thing. The second square would be me freaking out. The third square would be Jesus rolling His eyes because I am freaking out again. The fourth square would be the two of us sitting down and Him saying, “So this would be one of those days that is not favorable. I want to remind you again that I am right here, and I am already helping you…trust Me”

And hopefully in the fifth square I would be.

— Teresa Klassen





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