Who Asked You To Do that?

11 10 2012
There are cathedrals around the world of breathtaking beauty but the thing that moves me the most are some of the dark corners where no one thinks to look.  In these private, tucked away places, one also finds the painstaking work of some artist who chipped away in obscurity, giving glory to God. Delicate flowers, intricate crosses, Bible verses etched in stone, out of the public eye. These hidden places tell me something about the man who worked here: his love for God, his desire to give back to God, was motivated by something other than recognition. I can see him chipping away there, in conversation with Jesus: “this is for You.”

In Philemon 1:14 Paul addresses the goodness of people in that church as being something that should be motivated not by compulsion but of their own accord. Without anyone telling them to love others, without a program, a date on the calendar, a reminder, a plan; without training or a sermon series or someone organizing most of it. Of their own accord, people should just respond to how the Spirit leads them.

I love it when people do things without being told.

I love it when people sit at home and think, “What could I do,” come up with an idea, and do it.  I love it when people just do what their love for Jesus compels them to do without anyone having to drag it out of them.

  • I love it when people pray because they care enough to.
  • I love it when people use their gifts to fix something because they see it is broken or disorganized or could be done a better way.
  • I love it when people send a note because they were thinking of someone other than themselves.
  • I love it when people slow down long enough to look another in the eye.
  • I love it when people say, “I will” without being badgered to.
  • I love it when people don’t let their age or occupation or marital status or their past stop them from being a blessing.
  • I love it when people step into a challenge not because they think they are an expert, but because it is their way of thanking Jesus and offering the gift He gave them.

I love it when there aren’t excuses, disclaimers, or delays. I love it when people stop procrastinating and deflecting and listen to their heart and respond. No one tells us to do that, out of our gratitude to Christ, we do it of our own accord.

When I see people behaving that way, living life missionally, it encourages me in my own walk to do the same. It energizes me and gives me courage. The fruit of their labor, keeps me going in my own.

And when one person is, of their own accord, being loving. And another person, of their own accord, is being loving…pretty soon you have something that looks like the Church.

— Teresa Klassen




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