Included In The Will

24 10 2012

I remember when Mike and I drew up our first will. It wasn’t when we were first married; it was when we had our first child and what we had seemed to matter more. Everything seems more serious when you have a child; life and death come more into focus as the treatment of both affect another so much more profoundly.

Some people avoid wills, as if writing one is bad luck. I have never understood this. Death is absolutely inevitable, it is not a matter of luck as if some will skirt it (knock on wood). Every single person we lay eyes on is going to die. The difference is, some people will acknowledge that and prepare sufficiently for it, and some won’t.

I am still living and breathing, so my will (now modified several times over the years) is not in effect.

It is interesting to think that God also has a will. The Bible is filled with words like “heir” and “inheritance”

  • Romans 8:17 says we are heirs of God
  • Galatians 3:29 says if we are in Christ we are heirs according to what He promised
  • Ephesians 3:6 says this is a mystery
  • James 2:5 says that for those who love Him, we are heirs of His kingdom.
  • Matthew 19:29 says we inherit eternal life because of Christ and other passages say our inheritance is a blessing, and is imperishable.

And how does all of this come into play for us? A will only comes into play when someone dies and this is exactly what happened.

As I am reflecting on this picture today I am thankful again that God took the time to explain these mysteries with stories and pictures. I have wrestled with why Christ had to die; I have such a hard time getting my head around certain things. But as I read through Hebrews 9 and it says that it is all like a last will and in order for me to inherit salvation, the will of God, Jesus had to die. His death put that will into play; that is when it was read out for me and for all who would desire to be included.

It is for the children that a will is written; it is for me. We all matter so much to Him that He set out to write a list of promises for us, ensuring our survival, redemption, salvation. And while we lived our lives as we pleased, He did not avoid the subject of death. While we carved out an existence, doing our best (and worst), He saw how there was something only He could do; only He could die and perfectly provide a future.

The reading of a will is a sobering thing, and I feel that way just now. How many of us deserve to be included in the will? Have we behaved like children deserving of such an inheritance? Definitely not. So I am thinking about Him writing all of this up knowing that; thinking of Him thinking of me and in that will there is a clause; it says it is His very last will, His final word, that all would share in the inheritance, that none should be left out. It says that all sin will be covered by Him and how He loved us first before we even thought of loving Him. He left it open like that, so all who would come and say “I am His child; He is my Father” would be included.

— Teresa Klassen



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