(For Our Children And Any Other) You’re Not Just Anybody

30 10 2012

Part One:

I think it would be easy to forget who you are in our family; you could easily think of yourself as

  • a guest,
  • a consumer,
  • a competitor,
  • an enemy,
  • a ward,
  • a project,
  • or even a prisoner.

You could be just anybody, but you’re not. You’re our child.

As long as we’re alive, you will be thought of, loved, and prayed over with care and concern. Rest assured: you are the apple of our eye. As comforting as that ought to be though, you could doubt it and even forget it.

God, is well aware of this issue because He has seen us doubt or even forget who we are with Him as well. Hebrews 12:5 asks, “Have you forgotten that you are being addressed as sons?”

It’s as if we think we are

  • a guest, just coming and going on this planet,
  • a consumer, taking everything God has made,
  • a competitor He must outsmart,
  • an enemy He must vanquish,
  • a ward He must put up with ,
  • a project to keep Himself busy
  • even a prisoner He has to watch suspiciously;

We could be just anybody, but we’re not: we’re His child. As long as God is alive, we are guaranteed to be thought of, loved and spoken to with great care and concern. Rest assured: we are the apple of His eye. We are His treasured son/daughter and so, we’re privileged beyond what we could ask or imagine.

We need to remember that when He is intervening for our good.

How can we forget we are someone’s child?  Orphans NEVER forget who they once were; even if they can’t remember being called, “My child,” they ache to hear those words; to belong. They long to matter; to be thought of, loved and prayed over. To be the apple of someone’s eye.

Don’t forget who you are in all of this. You’re not

  • A guest, as if once the bill is paid you won’t be remembered
  • A consumer, as if feeding you until you are grown is enough
  • A competitor, as if there is some sort of competition to win
  • An enemy, as if you are a necessary evil
  • A ward, as if you are just another face
  • A project, as if you are something we need to prove
  • A prisoner, as if it gives us pleasure to simply keep you in place.

Who you actually are is a treasured son/daughter, loaned to us, to show you what life really is and what it is really for.

Remember that when we are intervening for your good.

— Teresa Klassen



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