(For Our Children And Any Other) Dedicated.

9 11 2012

Part Four:

* Scripture passages in quotations from Psalm 141, The Message or New Living Translation.

We never had to “fall in love” with you. We just loved you, like it was a given; like you had already been there in our hearts just waiting to be discovered. It took less than any measurement of time to see that our life was welded to yours.

We whispered our dedication to you all day and through the night, and something else: we dedicated you to God. What does this even mean?

  • A thankfulness: the privilege of being entrusted.
  • A recognition: you were on loan, created in the image of God by and for His pleasure.
  • A submission: us before God; Him leading us, so we could lead you.
  • A promise: to lovingly, courageously raise you well for the given time. To stay at the table.
  • A construction: of a home, brick by brick; a place devoted to values to build a healthy foundation for you to stand on.
  • An invitation: to a community of people to know you as well, pray for you; cheer us on.

At the first sign of trouble though, we knew how hard it might be to be dedicated. Free will is such a beautiful dangerous gift; such a noble, such an awful thing.

“God, come close. Come quickly! Open your ears—it’s my voice you’re hearing!”

For all these years, we have held our hands open to God to tell us about you. To help us understand who you are and how we can help get you on the good side of things.

“Post a guard at my mouth, God,
set a watch at the door of my lips.”

So many things we are to say and not say; things we do say that we have to undo; or things we should have said at the time. What is most important? It mostly comes down to dedicating ourselves to what God dedicates Himself to; it is what we can count on from Him and what we want you to know, you can ask of from us:

1. “Since I’ve run for dear life to you, take good care of me.”

We want to take good care of you. We want to provide a warm and safe place for you. We want to feed and feast with you. We want to invite you into good experiences. It is in our nature to want to give good gifts; to lavish love upon you. We don’t expect rebellion from you; we expect that such love would naturally result in love back.

Just like God expects.  What a hard series of events it has been for Him as He watches His creation repay His love with hatefulness. Shall we be so naïve to think you will simply thank us over and over?

I think we can expect it – shouldn’t God expect this? – but not be surprised when it isn’t there. Sin is such a nasty virus.

But, should you let us, we are dedicated to taking good care of you.

2. “Protect me from their evil scheming, from all their demonic traps”

We are dedicated to revealing to you the difference between sweet talking lies and the goodness of plain truth; over, and over and over again. Life is tricky and there is so much deceit. There are so many things that look so attractive, but only lead to pain.

There are so many scars you can avoid and so many traps you do not have to fall into. If you will only listen; if you will only let yourself be led; if you will not despise the training that comes your way.

There is a subplot in life, child. There is a real devil in this all; someone who is not at all interested in seeing you thrive. He will tell you everything evil you can do; he will flood your ears with ideas and set a fancy table, inviting you to gorge.

We are dedicated to help you steer clear, to be street-smart in this life. We pray that you will be protected from the evil one, and that you would choose to come under our protection.

Should you let us, we will tell you everything we know about light and dark.

3. “Let the wicked fall into their own nets, but let me escape.”

There is no reason you should stumble. We have your back, we will catch you if you reach out for our arm; and there are so many like us. Such a community rooting for you; believing in you.

You do not need to be like those without hope; those lonely and alone, wandering blindly.

You can walk in the minefield; you can be in the trenches; you can walk paths with trip wires and come out mostly unscathed if you choose wisdom to be your traveling partner.

And even if you get bruised, you won’t be broken. You will be able to dust yourself off and “keep calm and carry on.”

We are dedicated to helping you navigate the narrow path; to find ways for you; to use our resources to connect you with good people and opportunities.

Should you let us, we will invest ourselves in your journey.

The way is often so dark; you will become confused with who your friend is and who your enemy is. You will see us as a roadblock instead of a guardrail but oh how we pray that you will quickly come to your senses because, before God, we are dedicated to you.

— Teresa Klassen




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