I Have Always Loved Your Laugh

8 10 2013

1376358_10151639030451394_446250228_nDear Michael, I love your laugh. I’ve always loved your laugh. I love how you don’t hold anything back! You lose your eyes and you laugh from the gut and sometimes you laugh so hard, the tears roll and you can hardly catch your breath.

I think the laughter we have shared as we’ve goofed around for 25 years has been great for our marriage…

  • Laughing through all our one-upping,
  • our classic Klassen moments,
  • the spontaneous “how-hard-can-it-be” things we do that end up being stupidly hard,
  • the detours we choose to call adventures,
  • and the tales of mishaps, told and retold to a great amount of laughter each time.

Life can be funny and all sorts of cockeyed moments have found their way into our daily “catch up” with each other when we talk…and laugh.

Sometimes, though, times have been dark and we have had to go out looking for what could possibly be funny about anything. We have had sleepless nights and countless serious and lengthy conversations; there have been times we have ended up just staring blankly at each other not knowing what to say or do.

We have looked like this across the table and more than once made a crack about some little ironic thing and it ended up being grin-worthy. Sometimes we have just ended up laughing about ourselves and how we think, or didn’t think, or just about how ridiculous the situation was in the scheme of things.

My grandmother had a saying in German, which translates, “After the laughing comes the crying.” I think we have just assumed that after the crying comes the laughing again and this has been a good way to live.

This year we admitted to each other that we were in a “depression,” a literal dip in our lives that we couldn’t easily move past. So we haven’t. We have lived here in this divot and had plenty of jokes to go along with it. Sometimes humor is dark humor, but it is humor nonetheless. We have done a lot of crying and sighing; a lot of burden-bearing but there we were again last night via Skype, enjoying ourselves and laughing. Among the many things I have loved about you and our marriage, it has been our ability to lighten up.

Laughter HAS been good medicine for us, hasn’t it? In all our life and times these past 25 years, we have still found room to laugh and enjoy each other; enjoy the life we have together. I think some of it is just the perspective that has come because we’ve known God is at our right hand, we shall not be shaken. Therefore our hearts can be glad… (Psalm 16:8). There is freedom in knowing that; freedom to even laugh at the unpredictable days to come (Proverbs 31).

Thanks, Mike, for all the funny years. You started it:

  • Remember on our honeymoon you put on one of my dresses because you said if I was going to borrow all of your stuff, you were going to borrow mine (hey, have at it).
  • On the same holiday, you pretended to kill a cockroach to put my mind at ease about sleeping in a room where I had spotted it. It reappeared, alive and well, and I freaked out and you thought that was hilarious. I still don’t trust you with bugs.
  • We forgot to put film in our camera on our honeymoon and after snapping away all week we had to laugh at how dumb we were.
  • You asked me to flag down a car to get us to the airport, so I flagged down a limo. Technically…that’s a car. How much did that cost again?

Wasn’t that a good start to everything?

Thanks for always finding ways to lighten things up when they have been dark and heavy. You have never been a gloomy person, prone to moodiness and melancholy; you have chosen to allow God to refresh you and then have taken what He has done in you to refresh me as well. You always know how to give things a kick so that I can see them another way.

I am not sure when we will actually celebrate our anniversary because for you it was yesterday and for me it is today, since you are in India and that is 12.5 hours ahead — that in itself is funny. The boys promised me they would sub in for you and join me for a great meal (opportunists).

In any case, for our 25th I also celebrate 25 years of stand-up comedy. No one else would get most of our jokes, but we get them…and that’s all that matters.

Thanks for keeping your promise to me. I love you 25 years more than I did October 8, 1988 (Remember the cake thing – haha ? Remember the champagne —so funny! Remember the taxi ride – that laugh is just for us). See you soon darling, bring home some good stories we can laugh about over dinner…

TNT and xxx + x

Your one and only, Trees.

P.S. Cannot talk about every genuinely stupid thing we have found to laugh about without giving a shout out to Seinfeld.  In honor of everything we think has been a Seinfeld moment in our lives, here is part of the script from “The Voice”


JERRY & GEORGE: (doing the voice) Hello-o-o-o!

GEORGE: Hello-o-o-o Elaine!

ELAINE: What’s that?

JERRY: Oh, it’s just this stupid thing.

ELAINE: Well, I’m sure it’s stupid. It’s not about me, is it?




One response

8 10 2013

What an encouragement you guys are! Thanks for posting this lovely letter to Mike in a forum that shows those behind you in the journey some tips for making a marriage work! Congrats on 25 years and may the next 25 bring more laughs and joy than you can imagine! Be blessed.

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