A Thousand Thoughts of You

11 03 2014

0007_###She would have come up the stairs today with her list and before I was even awake enough to have a single thought, she would have asked me the questions she had been thinking about for an hour already.

  • By any chance are you going grocery shopping today? I am almost out of cranberry juice.
  • Before too long, we should fertilize the lawn…
  • Did you notice there is a shingle missing off the roof?
  • I forgot to give you a bit of news from Aunt Hildegarde…

These were the kinds of things that were on my mother’s mind at the crack of dawn.

Usually there were dishes on the counter from someone’s late-night snack. These she would clean up immediately. Then a cup of coffee. A bran muffin. A greeting to everyone. She was never (and I do mean never) in a bad mood in the morning. Back downstairs to read her Bible and pray.

While everyone would be rushing about to get out the door, Nathan would always run down to say goodbye.

He is still saying goodbye, we all are. It is March 11: a year from the day she passed away.

If she could send a letter it would be in point form no doubt, but I would dearly love that. Then again, I forget to pick up the mail all the time now. Mom checked the mail…religiously. These days, the junk mail stacks up and the Carrier is cramming our letters into the box before I remember there is a postal system to contend with.

This past year I have thought a thousand thoughts about her, everyday things. She comes up all the time in conversation, “Mom would have…” or “Grandma would have…”. Lots of remembering. Lots of sighing.

There is never a good time to say goodbye to someone you really love. Then again, it doesn’t get any better, being able to say goodbye to someone you really loved. It is a good kind of grief to have — as Tennyson said, “‘Tis better to have loved and lost, Than never to have loved at all.”

In memory, a little Nat King Cole:

A thousand thoughts of you
Will haunt me ever after
The music of your laughter
Will serenade my heart.

A thousand thoughts of you
Will roam the night and find me
With chains of love, they’ll bind me
To dreams that won’t depart.

Your face,
Your smile,
The moonlight in your hair

Your lips,
Your eyes,
I’ll see them everywhere.

A thousand [memories], too
Will keep me reminiscing
For there’ll be no dismissing
A thousand thoughts of you.

With fondness…

— Teresa Klassen


For What We Are About To Receive

This is the book she and I worked on before she passed away. It is filled with every day stories of her walk with God.

It was published recently and I so wish I could give her a copy.

See it/Order it here.




One response

17 03 2014
Shauna Thornton

I’ve just ordered my copy, and can’t wait to receive it. 🙂
I think of your mom often ❤
Shauna Thornton

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