26 Years: It’s Complicated

8 10 2014

mikeandtDear Michael,

I can’t let the day go by without giving it space here. It is our anniversary. Number 26. Today I was thinking about how people describe the status of their relationship and, when at a loss for words, they often just say: “It’s complicated.”

I actually think this is a great way to describe True Committed Love: It’s complicated.

We match each other and are opposite of each other at the same time but not for a second would I want anyone else.

We conspire with each other and disagree with each other and not at any time would I want it to be different.

We love spending every second with each other and sometimes we are on opposite ends of the earth and I can’t imagine any other journey.

We are each others biggest cheerleader and most honest critic and this is hard and awesome every day.

We know so much and yet have so much to learn and this isn’t going to change.

It’s complicated.

Over the past twenty-six years we have gotten under each others skin in a pretty literal way. Your life is wrapped around mine and  mine around yours so that I can’t even tell anymore where I begin and you end. We are still two individuals, but the colors are all mixed now. It’s complicated.

How two people can do this, be with each other like this, how we hold each others attention, how we make decisions, how we pray together and agonize together, together, together. It’s complicated.

Especially right now — in the season we are in — we get each other and don’t get each other, we agree and disagree, we trust and we question, we decide and second-guess, we are filled with ideas and then filled with question marks. It’s complicated.

I want you to know, I love being in the dead-center of complicated with you. Our cord of three strands has not been broken by anything, we have 26 years to show for, and I’m not going anywhere.

Thanks for your stubbornly committed love to me, to complicated me…








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